Sculpt Haus was created to give our clients a one-on-one concierge medical spa experience. With an ample amount of time devoted to each appointment, you will feel as if the spa is dedicated to you alone. From the moment you walk in our doors, to your initial consultation, followed by your customized treatment plan, every detail of your experience has been meticulously considered. With the latest technology, skilled nurses, and overall boutique experience, we are here to provide unrivaled aesthetic services.

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New Patients

Founders Lee Sanchez FNP-C and Emilio Castellon RN BSN have a natural eye for beauty and what most would say are unrealistically high standards. They believe in beauty enhancements that are subtle enough that they appear natural yet make the difference you desire. They believe that in a world of overly treated and filled faces, there is a true art form to balanced injectables that will be appreciated for decades to come.

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Our Services

We are proud to offer the highest standard of care to our patients to help them look and feel their best. We believe that each patient is unique, so your individualized treatment plan will cater to what works best for you. Our highly trained team is dedicated to researching the latest minimally invasive procedures that will provide you desirable results with little to no recovery time. For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, contact us today at (432) 218-8640.

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